The brand

Those who have little time to spend in the kitchen will find an echo in our proposals for practical and healthy meals. Reflecting our commitment to research on alternative flavours, the diversity of our canned fish surprises even those who demand constant imagination in offering unexpected flavours and combinations. General, the ideal meal!


Your ideal meal is distributed by Dom Manuel, which benefits from synergies with the oldest worldwide group of the canned fish industry, which it is part of. In operation for more than 50 years, it maintains an innovative philosophy and a brand image anchored in the versatile General range.


The preservation of maritime resources is our commitment. The opportunity to expand the blue economy, a belief. The management of human capital and support for social development, an ethical imperative. The quality, intrinsic to food safety and the flavours of our canned products, is a certainty. The speed of preparation, portability and the proper portion of the products, an ideal meal guarantee. The promotion of healthy eating, a belief.

General in society

We seek to have a dynamic solidarity activity, resulting from the legacy of the business group which we are part of, recognised for its social paternalism and philanthropic spirit, and that reveals itself in the permanent concern with an active, participative and responsible business citizenship. We dressed the Tour of Portugal in yellow, for example, and celebrated the victory in the leadership of the flavours at the table.

General in the world

A universal brand can only aspire to globality. Our more than 30 references can now be acquired in several countries, especially those of the destination of Portuguese emigration, where they win enthusiasts every day, including among the local community.
For chefs all over the world, Portugal often comes up not only as a reference destination but also as a source of culinary inspiration. And this is even a trend that is easily taken home in one of our General cans! We are a reference that the great distribution chains, the gourmet spaces or the traditional market do not give up.