Privacy statement

1. Privacy Statement

1.1. General Scope
GENERAL, with registered office at RUA DO PASSADOURO, N.º 135 – 4455-180 LAVRA, is registered with the Commercial Registration Office of PORTO with a single registration and TIN 500376441, with a share capital of EUR 5,000.00.
GENERAL is responsible for this Statement. This privacy policy covers physical and logical channels, including our mobile applications, social networks, mobile devices, as well as other places and/or sites that mention such a policy.
Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains what is the personal data that GENERAL collects through our interactions with you and through our services, and how that data is used.
Read the specific details of this privacy statement, which provide additional information about the GENERAL services. This statement applies to the interactions of GENERAL with you and to the GENERAL services listed below, as well as to other GENERAL products/services that present this statement.
GENERAL undertakes to respect the User’s privacy and to process your personal data in a careful and confidential manner, in accordance with the applicable laws. The data will not be processed for any purpose other than those specified here.
GENERAL reserves the right to update or modify its Privacy Policy at any time, in particular in order to adapt it to legislative changes. The User is thus advised to visit this page regularly.

1.2. Consent
By using this website, you are giving your consent to the collection and use of information.
GENERAL may at any time modify, add or delete any of the privacy policies of its website ( by updating the content of this page.

1.3. What type of data is collected by GENERAL?
GENERAL collects data on its employees and on companies that are its customers and partners.
The special data referred to in the GDPR are not processed by GENERAL.

1.4. What is the purpose of the collection of personal data by GENERAL?
In the case of its employees, the data collected is the name, e-mail, position and telephone number for the supply of goods and services to customers, internal organisational processes (Quality) and for fiscal and legal obligations inherent to the normal performance of their duties.
In the case of customers and partners, the data collected is the name, email and telephone for the need to purchase, deliver and supply products and/or services and consequently the legally required documents for commercial prospecting activities (direct Marketing), marketing events, training and technical information regarding products and/or services.
You can interact with us through websites, social networks or through features such as plug-ins or applications on websites that integrate social networking sites.
You can also choose to link your account with us to third-party social networking websites. When you connect to your account or link to us, or through us to third-party social networking sites, plug-ins or applications, you may allow us to have continued access to certain information from your social network account (e.g. name, e-mail address, photo, gender, birthday, publications or “likes”).
If you post information when interacting with our websites through the website, social networks, plug-ins or other applications, depending on your privacy settings, this information may be made public on the Internet. You can control the information you share through the privacy settings available on some social networking sites. For more information about how you can customise your privacy settings and how third-party social networking sites manage your personal information, please refer to their privacy guidelines, privacy notices, and terms of use for those sites.
If you access our websites on your phone or mobile device, we may also collect your unique device identifier and the IP address of your mobile device, as well as information about the operating system of your mobile device, operator and your location information. We may also ask you to authorise us to provide your mobile phone number (e.g. to send push notifications).

1.5. Does GENERAL use personal data for Direct Marketing activities?
GENERAL may use your personal data to send you spam e-mail related to products or commercial offers that may be of interest to you. GENERAL does not provide, sell or negotiate your data.
The customer expressly authorises GENERAL to send information about products and services that may be of interest to him/her by using his/her personal data for the purpose of direct marketing through any communication channel, namely through the use of electronic mail, telephone, SMS or other forms of automatic call. GENERAL will not market or share its database of customers and partners with third parties.
We remind that the consent can be withdrawn by request sent to the email or, alternatively, in person at the GENERAL premises.

1.6. Who has access to your personal data?
GENERAL does not disclose to third parties any personal data of its Customers, Partners and Users, without their prior consent, except:
(1) when dealing with companies of the GENERAL Group, or
(2) when it is necessary so that the associates, employees, suppliers or business partners of GENERAL can provide a product or service or perform a function on behalf of GENERAL, or
(3) when it is required or permitted by law.

GENERAL shall take reasonable precautions to ensure that its employees or collaborators with access to personal data are adequately trained in their correct processing, with respect for this policy and data protection legal obligations. In case of non-compliance, GENERAL will apply disciplinary sanctions to its employees and collaborators.

Whenever GENERAL discloses the personal data of the User, it will safeguard compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, namely by providing contractual provisions that ensure that the third party uses the data received only for the purposes specified (if there is a legal basis for that purpose), otherwise, these will only be provided after the consent of the User. The provision is in accordance with the purposes described in this policy and uses appropriate means of security to protect the User’s personal data against illegal or unauthorised processing as well as its accidental loss, destruction or other harmful actions.

1.7. Where is your personal data stored and for how long?
GENERAL performs the processing of personal data for the aforementioned purposes taking into account only the legal basis required for this purpose. During the period between the beginning and the end of this processing, the personal data is stored, and situations may arise where they may be retained for a clearly higher period due to the existence of a legal basis for this purpose and by means of the storage procedure in effect at GENERAL.
However, if you wish, you can always request a clarification from GENERAL, through a request sent to or, alternatively, in person at the GENERAL premises.

1.8. Is the personal data safe with GENERAL?
GENERAL stores the data of its customers, partners and Users internally and through its reference partners. All data is protected and maintained in accordance with high standards of safety and in order to comply with the GDPR and the applicable privacy laws.

1.9. When are there links in the GENERAL Website?
The GENERAL website may contain links to other websites and e-mail addresses of companies not belonging to the GENERAL Group. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites and email addresses.
If you use an available link from that website and provide personal information on that site, the processing of the data will be subject to the privacy statement of that website.

1.10. Does GENERAL use cookies in its website and/or its business applications?
Cookies are small files that are stored in your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit our site for the first time.
Cookies are files that store information in the User’s hard drive or browser, allowing the websites to recognise and know you have visited them before. The User may configure his/her browser to refuse cookies, but in that case, the website or portions thereof may not function correctly.
Cookies are used to monitor and analyse the use of the website, allowing GENERAL to identify and better serve the User.
GENERAL uses cookies to:
– Get to know our visitors and thus improve your site browsing experience;
– Customise the information of the web pages you visit with interesting content.

With the help of these cookies, GENERAL encourages the creation of a relationship with visitors and customers in order to improve their experience and collect data to continue improving their browsing on the site and our products and services.
By browsing this site, you agree to the installation of these cookies in your browser. However, cookie preferences can be cleared from your browser at any time.
GENERAL does not share cookies with third parties, including external data providers or websites.
This mechanism can be removed by request sent to the email or, alternatively, in person at the GENERAL premises.

1.11. Consent
Through the consent of this Privacy Statement you are granting us permissions to process the data for the aforementioned purposes.

This consent can be withdrawn by request sent to the email or, alternatively, in person at the GENERAL premises.

1.12. Your rights
According to the GDPR, the User has the right of access and portability over his/her personal data. You have the right to know what personal data has been processed by GENERAL, and may also require GENERAL to correct, restrict the processing or deletion of your personal data, totally (right to be forgotten) or partially if they are incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant for processing purposes. Briefly and at any time, and for as long as GENERAL is in possession of your personal data, you have:
• Right of access – Request a copy of the information that GENERAL has about you.
• Right to rectification – Request or correct any personal data found in the GENERAL database.
• Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) – In certain circumstances, you may request that your personal data be deleted or destroyed by GENERAL.
• Right to request restriction of processing of your personal data – In certain circumstances, you may restrict the processing of your personal data with GENERAL.
• Right to portability – Request that the personal data in our possession be transferred to another Organisation other than the GENERAL Group companies.
• Right to object to certain processing procedures – Request that the object of processing be removed. For example, Direct Marketing.
• Right to object to automated processing of personal data, including Profiling – Request that your personal data is not the subject of automated processes.
• Right to complain – If GENERAL refuses any of the requests you have made without any legal basis for this purpose, you can make a complaint to the contact below.

If you wish, at any time, you can place your request by contacting GENERAL through the following means:
• Data Protection Department
• E-mail address:
• Telephone: +351 229 998 780

All the aforementioned requests will be forwarded to our data protection officer, through the e-mail: You must indicate which right you want to exercise in the body of the message.

1.13. Complaints
If you wish to make a complaint about how your data is being processed by GENERAL (or third parties on behalf of GENERAL) you may place your request directly with the GENERAL Personal Data Protection staff, namely:

Contact of the GENERAL Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Address: Rua do Passadouro, 135 Lavra
Apartado 2050 – 4451-953 Matosinhos
Telephone: +351 229 998 780

1.14. Contact of the Supervisory Authority – National Data Protection Commission (CNPD)
Contact of the Supervisory Authority
Name: Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados
Address: Rua de São Bento n.º 148-3º
1200-821 Lisboa
Telephone: +351 213928400

1.15. You may be contacted by GENERAL because of your personal data.
According to the GDPR, your personal data will be subject to strict risk minimisation measures in order to preserve the rights and freedoms of citizens, in particular against improper access. If there is any kind of Privacy violation, you will be informed, following the provisions in the GENERAL Procedure for Processing Violations of Personal Data.

1.16. Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Statement is available at, and our Privacy Policy can be requested by email to