General health


Fish is the “star” of General. Not only because it is prepared by your brand of choice it guarantees a delicious dish, but also because it means Health and Well-being.
A balanced diet should have at least two fish-based meals, since their consumption helps to prevent various diseases caused by the rapid pace of contemporary society, such as those of cardiac or mental nature.

Healthy and nutritious, tuna is a key part of any person’s diet, at any age, and should be included in the weekly menu regularly, especially canned tuna. Tuna is an essential source of protein, fats (Omega 3), vitamins (A, B and D) and mineral salts (phosphorus, iodine and magnesium).
A frequent presence at the Portuguese tables, sardine helps in the prevention of coronary diseases, due to its composition. Sardine is at the forefront when it comes to health benefits, exceeding, at that level, the salmon, tuna and cod due to the presence of one type of fat – omega-3 fatty acids – in substantial amounts, beneficial to our heart.

Other advantages in sardine consumption:

  • Reduction of triglyceride and blood cholesterol levels;
  • Reduction of blood pressure;
  • Alteration of the membrane structure of blood cells, ensuring greater blood flow;
  • It helps skin diseases, such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

But molluscs also contribute to good eating habits. The nutritional richness of canned octopus or Giant squid is a good example of this, as they have:

  • Proteins in high quantities (similar to veal) and high digestibility;
  • Low calorie content (concentrates reduced levels of fat and cholesterol);
  • Large amounts of vitamin A (essential for bone and muscle growth);
  • Large amounts of vitamin B (benefits in carbohydrate metabolism and in maximising cellular energy)
  • Many minerals, in particular iodine, calcium and iron.

Several studies show that we are increasingly neglecting what we eat and leaving behind centuries of a gastronomic culture essential to health: the Mediterranean diet.

Directly associated with the “good eating” habits, there is the Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid, typical of the countries that make up the Mediterranean basin, which should be followed, together with regular practice of physical exercise.

Conservas General

“Commandments” for healthy eating:

Drink lots of water (Approximately 2 litres/day);

Increase the number of meals and decrease the amount consumed;

Avoid juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages (excessive sources of sugar);

The usual quantities of potatoes, rice, pasta and legumes should be reduced by half;

At main meals, insist on large amounts of raw salad or cooked vegetables;

Prefer to eat bread and fruit in between the main meals;

The dishes of choice should be boiled, grilled or fat-free stews;

Choose olive oil instead of another kind of fat;

Fish should be a priority over meat in your food choices.

Fish and meat can, however, be replaced by non-fat cooked eggs.

Conservas General