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“Generalitos” – General Children

Because your children deserve it, here we leave useful tips for a healthy and balanced diet for children.
Children do not have the metabolism of an adult, as such they need a diet appropriate to their age and the concrete needs of the moment they are living.
The most complicated time for many parents is undoubtedly meal time, either because the little ones simply refuse to eat, or because they eat too much.
Stop confusing fat with health. A chubby boy or girl may look healthy, but it almost always means that he is having an unbalanced diet, which will have dire consequences for his/her development.
One of the solutions is to impose discipline on children’s meals, times, places and eating habits. What he or she does at the table today, they will certainly do when they are adults.
Skipping meals is a very common mistake, which should be avoided, especially if those periods are filled with “treats”.


Follow these tips:

Do not give in to the pressures of “I’m hungry”; accurately evaluate what lies behind this message and preferably replace solids with liquids (water is at the top of the list); check for symptoms of any eating disorder or health problem – if it is confirmed, take your child to a doctor.
It all starts with a balanced meal: a larger portion of carbohydrates (rice, pasta and couscous or potatoes, beans and peas), supplemented by a smaller dose of protein foods (meat, poultry, fish, eggs or beans). Low fat consumption.
Refusals of certain foods should be managed with common sense. Introduce new flavours in a spaced and gradual way.



it may not be a tantrum; a child does not have the digestive system developed as the adult.


If you want your child to try an unfamiliar food, do it with a small spoon or use your finger. Thus, if your child enjoys it, you can increase the dose and then serve the whole dish.

Keys to healthy child nutrition:

Feed him/her properly from birth, creating the habit of variety and complete meals - those that have the fundamental nutrients.

Eating should also be a habit of sharing, at the table and in the company of those he/she loves most. Thus, it will be easier to see this action as something natural and essential to life;

Television at mealtimes is harmful to the child's development and you should not let them eat in front of the television.

``Do as I say and not as I do.`` It is often difficult to follow this, especially when there are children involved. Obese parents give birth to obese children. Modify your eating habits and they will do the same. Take them to outdoor activities, they will love it and their health too.

Involve them in food-related tasks such as preparing the week’s menu, or the shopping list. Children will be more interested and attentive to what they will eat.

Don't let them go more than 3 and a half hours without eating. Snacks in moderate proportions are fundamental, such as light supper (only in case of necessity)

5 meals a day with fruits, vegetables and greens

``War`` on salt ... or almost (reduce the dose to 5 g/day). Alternatively, use iodized salt or herbs.

Sugars are harmful. Make them ``forget`` treats, sweets, and soft drinks.

Water is essential, especially for those who have a lot of energy to spend. Drinking (one to two litres) should not occur only when the thirst ``tightens``…