General exercise


In the face of sedentary lifestyle and unregulated eating, it is increasingly important to try to get the so-called “healthy weight” (optimal for age, sex and body structure). For that end, changing your food habits is not enough. It is necessary to include a daily programme of physical exercises that represent fat loss and recovery and/or gain of muscle mass.


What you should know about physical exercise:

  • The increase in the daily energy that is spent leads to an increase in lean mass, and consequent increase in basal metabolism* in the long term; it helps your health, in general, and allows the control of diseases associated with obesity.
  • Healthy eating and regular physical exercise are complementary and must be inseparable because they have different mechanisms of action.
  • Doing exercise helps to lose weight, both when practising, and in the hours of rest that follow.
  • Physical exercise eliminates more intra-abdominal fat (the most harmful fat for the health) than the diet.

Conclusion: Effective weight loss inevitably requires a physically active lifestyle.
* Basal metabolism (bm) – Amount of calories or energy that the body needs, during rest to make all organs function, such as heart, brain, lungs, intestine, etc.


How to achieve excellent results:

  • Regularity
    Find your rhythm. The ideal is to walk 1 hour, every day;
  • Duration
    45 to 60 minutes, preferably in aerobic sports (long duration and moderate intensity), such as walking, swimming, etc.
  • Intensity
    Choose according to your possibilities and preferences; the intensity of training makes the energy spent vary.


Know what you can “spend” in 24 hours…

The type of activity also has a respective energy consumption. Check the table: